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    2nd Pressing of our second LP. Colored vinyl and digital download of the entire 11 track album.

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On the band’s follow up to their heralded 2012 debut, Desolate Peaks, State Faults continue to expand the breadth of their sound with blissful atmospheric guitars and rhythm that turn on a dime into a blitzkrieg of torrential, angular riffs and vocalist Jonny Andrew’s snarling vocals, a balance of melodic and heavy that the band has seemingly perfected with Resonate/Desperate.

“We tried overall to write a more aggressive album, an album bursting with raw energy that still retains the melody, ambience, and introspective nature of our past work, but without letting the influence of post-rock wash over every song,” says Andrew.

Resonate/Desperate features eleven tracks that soar through peaks and valleys of beautiful chaos like with their newly released track “Meteor.”

Track Listing:

1. Meteor
2. Wildfires
3. Ultima
4. Stalagmites
5. Diamond Dust
6. Disintegration
7. Spectral
8. Incantations
9. Luminaria
10. Amalgamation
11. Old Wounds

Pressing Information:

First Pressing:
20 Test Pressing (Black)
200 Coke Bottle (2013 Subscription Series)
300 Orange Marble (THIS)
500 Pink/White Haze

Second Pressing:
500 Half Yellow / Half Midnight Blue


released November 12, 2012



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